Track 1 - Why


Track 1 from Beautiful Words – Wayne Stewart (2022)

Cover photo by Gadiel Lazcano on Unsplash


Psalms 10-15 (and many others) allow us the expression of our hearts while ultimately calling us back to center: God as our only strength and hope.


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Why do the wicked seem to sprout and flourish
As justice falls from our sight?
Ungoldy schemers walk about so freely
to frustrate all that’s good and holy.


Sometimes it looks like they’re getting off scot-free
that doesn’t seem right to me
When evil struts without reservation
It’s time to have this conversation.


Why so downcast, Oh my soul?
Put your hope in God, He’s the only one with
Perfect goodness and control
So put your hope in God, alone, oh my soul.


How long, oh Lord will You stay silent?
Or maybe I’ve just become
The man with scales that block my vision
Whose ears and passions are numb?




When foolishness has its way
Lord, remind me there is coming a day
When my foolishness has its way
Father, remind me there is coming a day



(C) 2022 Wayne C Stewart