Track 7 from Beautiful Words – Wayne Stewart (2022)

Cover photo by Gadiel Lazcano on Unsplash


It’s so tempting to believe everything around me will always be. But only One remains.


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God before all time began
All that is is from Your hand
Seasons bow at Your command
and await the day, the day


Like a robe that shows its thread
Sunrise deep and sunsets grand
the greatness of the starry host
will cease from view, from view
But not You


You remain
You alone will never change
Heaven and earth will pass away
but You remain

In a flash, a twinkling eye
Oceans deep and mountains high
Galaxies from ages gone by
will disappear, disappear


All that seems immoveable
though it seems impossible
The edges of this universe
will fade, they’ll fade
But not You




We can trust our Maker’s heart
when our world comes apart
when the things we’ve trusted in
all disappear, disappear



(C) 2021 Wayne C Stewart