Maker of My Heart


Track 6 from Beautiful Words – Wayne Stewart (2022)

Cover photo by Gadiel Lazcano on Unsplash

Special Thanks to Lauren Akers – Backing Vocals


To be fully known and still completely loved. That is the unique and profound call of God in Christ.


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You have formed me in the deepest parts
You see it all
Yet Your kindness doesn’t turn away with every fall


Oh, Jesus, You are the Maker of my heart
No one knows me like You
Oh, Jesus, You are the Maker of my heart
and the lifter of my head


Ever steadfast like the break of day
You call to me
As Your mercies, new with every dawn

bring all I need




Oh the wonder of unfailing love
that covers me
That my weakness cannot wipe away
Your victory



(2021) Wayne C Stewart