Immanuel God Dwells - feat. Emi Stewart


Track 3 from Beautiful Words – Wayne Stewart (2022)

Cover photo by Gadiel Lazcano on Unsplash



Not just forgiven but welcomed in. Not just welcomed in. Sons and Daughters. Amazing.



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Romans 8:1-16


There is no condemnation
For all who are in Christ
Dead to law and sin
Alive and welcomed in
to courts of the Lord Most High


We are the children of God
Dearly loved by our Father, the King
Beggars raised to royalty
We are the children of God


Heirs by blood not our own
shed once for the soul’s plight
Covering all shame
Sonship now remains
With “Abba” our vict’ry cry




Neither death nor life
Not angels or demons
Nothing high or low
Can drive a wedge between us
Nothing, nothing



(C) 2022 Wayne Stewart