Track 2 - Beautiful Words


Track 2 from Beautiful Words – Wayne Stewart (2022)

Cover photo by Gadiel Lazcano on Unsplash

Special thanks to Tessa Faith – backing vocals


God’s Word only becomes deeper and richer over the course of time. And a lifetime is likely still too short to take it all in.


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Lord, I love Your Words
Like waves upon the shore
They shape with every surge

Lord, I need Your Words
Like rivers running free
They heal at every turn


Father, meet me in these pages
With love and truth that’s ageless
Change me, make me new
Jesus, to be more like You
Spirit, loose the flood
Of holy revelation
And my life will remain
drenched in Your beautiful Words


Lord, I trust Your Words
Like Winter looks to Spring
Through cold and weary dirt

I receive Your Words
like fields collect the rain
to decorate the earth



(C) 2021 Wayne C Stewart