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Let's get you set up with Zeb's backstory novella (Juarez Liberty) + the audiobook version as a special bonus, absolutely free. Whether you started Dalton's story with When Totems Fall, The Cleansing, or Of Mortal Ills, this fast-paced novella will take you back to the very beginning. Start burning pages now from the military | political thriller series reviewers rave “transport the reader to the edge of a literary precipice.” (Amazon)

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Ciudad Juarez, MX: A flash of light. An opened cantina doorway. One tiny hand clings desperately to the frame, and the smallest hope of avoiding a now-certain fate... 

Only sixteen weeks into his military career, US Army PFC Zeb Dalton lies slumped across a sticky bartop in the notorious Cantina Rosa. He’s here on a dare. That’s all about to change as Dalton witnesses an act so inhumane it stirs long-suppressed parts of his soul. Clearing his head will only be his first challenge. Inexperience and setting aside his own failings will prove the more daunting tasks as he attempts the rescue of innocents.

Ramon Vazquez’ sign remains lit over the doorway of his dilapidated law office but the man hasn't concerned himself with issues of true justice in decades. Called on in the middle of the night by an unknown, presumptuous young American soldier, will he cast aside deep layers of disillusionment to make a difference again in his troubled city?

Time is of the essence for six young girls. A scant few hours will determine their futures. Dalton had better get his act together, now.

Juarez Liberty hits hard and fast as the prequel short-read to the Zeb Dalton Series of Military | Political Thrillers. Heart-pounding—“ I actually found my heart racing for the characters…” and real-life—“Enough grit to be real but not crude… “ (Amazon Reviewers). In the page-burning style of everybody’s favorite Jacks (Ryan, Reacher, and Bauer), you will not be disappointed with Zeb.