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Meet Zeb Dalton: an Iraq/Afghan Wars Vet who’s just watched his hometown and native soil taken--without a single shot fired.

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Iraq/Afghan Vet Zeb Dalton can’t believe his eyes: Seattle’s beloved icon—the Space Needle—lays draped in gold stars on red. Escaping captivity through mountainous terrain, he’s slipped back into what is now foreign, enemy territory. Trying to set things right again in his native city, the retired signal corpsman faces the daunting forces of an invading nation-state and his own turbulent past.

From the other side of the world, Chinese tech CEO Junjie Zang realizes he has made a terrible bargain. Enabling leaders in Beijing to act on their expansionist ideals has brought him great wealth while at the same time impoverishing his soul--and that of his entire nation. Fleeing his own countrymen, Zang weaves his way to a hopeful path of reprisal, though one leaving an ever-growing body count in its wake.

Unaware of the other, these men work to reverse the tide of eastern aggressions before time and options run out. And when the only choice remaining is the unimaginable, who gets to decide?

When Totems Fall “stands tall” according to one reviewer, “… with the greats in thrillers in international intrigue and characters with series potential.” As the first book in the Zeb Dalton Military | Political Thriller Series, this viciously addictive tale takes in the beauty of the American Northwest and the intrigue of Mainland China. In the page-burning style of everybody’s favorite Jacks (Ryan, Reacher, and Bauer), you will not be disappointed with Zeb.